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“Fuelled by the need to interpret the past, to explore the present, and to imagine the future, each generation shapes the world of books.”

We are indeed blessed with this new generation of excited, enthusiastic and eager students ready to learn from the past, experiment with the vast resources available and design their future. The pandemic  taught us that the world is one and has to be one in order to have common healthy goals for survival. Tunnel vision cannot exist and therefore comes the need for each and every student to develop a global vision. As educators we look forward to instil and inspire an all-round development with a healthy balance amongst the three areas of academics, co-curriculars and sports. We emphasise too on inculcating in all learners the skills of: Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication. 

Respect and ethics can never be out of vogue and we reiterate our determination to never let our young ones lose base with these and other human values of compassion, empathy and love. The need of the hour thus is to empower our students to discover the very best version of themselves and yet be fine human beings with sensitivity towards others. Thus in keeping with our motto of Selfless service and endless learning, we at KiiTis in collaboration with our students, educators, parents, visiting faculty and resource persons are committed to quality in education, social outreach and allignment with the Sustainable development goals.

Dr. Sanjay Suar

Principal, KiiT International School

Dr. Sanjay Suar

Principal, KiiT International School

Dr. Sanjay Suar

Principal & School Director,
KiiT International School

In the prevailing scenario, school education has become very important. Unless and until the quality of education at the school-level is improved, it is foolish to expect quality education in higher education.

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