Prof. Achyuta Samanta
Founder – KIIT & KISS


Prof. Achyuta Samanta
Founder – KIIT & KISS

International Primary Years Programme - IPYP

The International Primary programme (IPYP) at KiiTIS for students aged 5-11 years focuses on the holistic development of the learner addressing the 21st century cognitive, Social. Physical, Emotional and Cultural needs. This programme synthesises the best educational practices from around the world to align with the modern Learner traits. We provide an environment and curriculum where children explore and realise their true potential.


The curriculum framework strives to maintain a balance between search for knowledge and concepts, acquisition of skills, developing a positive attitude and create opportunities to take the learning outside the classroom for positive action and reflection.

The subject areas taught are

Other Activities

Students learn Creya, Coding, Dance, Instrumental and Swimming, Students also celebrate and jointly plan and organise international and national days with their teachers. After school activities are also offered for students wishing to be trained in specific sports activities.

At KiiTIS some activities or celebrations are naturally integrated in the unit of inquiry.

While we highlight foundational skills in Numeracy and Language and teach it as standalones the rest of the subjects especially Science and social studies are taught through transdisciplinary themes.

Why the IPYP for International Learners?

The curriculum is articulated vertically and is grade level appropriate and consistent with international standards. It offers a seamless transition from primary programme to Cambridge Lower secondary programme in Grade 6 / Key stage 7 .


“Igniting and guiding curiosity towards intentional and desired learning outcomes“

KiitIS teachers are well trained concerned facilitators who are collaborative, enthusiastic, dynamic and strong supporters of Inquiry based learning.

Key features


At Kiitis there are two types of assessments formative and summative. Formative assessments are continuous and ongoing. It gives information for learning and helps track progress of the learner.

Summative assessments provide in formation of the learning. 

Learners will have summative assessments at the end of each transdisciplinary inquiry unit along with the core subjects. The assessments may be rubric based and will be shared with the learner before the assessments. The students will have 5 to 6 Summative assessments in a year.  

A variety of assessment tools and strategies are used. The assessments tools used could be

Reporting occurs through Parent teacher conference, Student led conferences Term report cards anecdotal reports and Student Portfolios 

Key features

Reporting time 8 am

8.20am – 3.20pm

Juice break – 9:45 – 10am

Lunch 12 to 12: 40 pm

Duration of each period – 40 mins

First term ends – 28th September 2022
Final term ends 15th March 2022

The Best-in-Class facilities for the students of KiiT International School

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