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Excellent infrastructure, comprehensive education and international exposure : KiiTIS is everything a student could ask for.

As the Head Girl of this school, I think it’s safe to say that Kiit international has changed my life. Studying in KiiTIS is like taking a long personality development course where you grow academically, mentally and morally.

Janhvi Mohanty

KiiTIS Alumni

I am from Thailand. I came to KiiT International School because it has a reputation of providing excellent educational facilities. I also wanted to learn English and be able to study and work in any English speaking country in the future. My experience in KiiT International School has been really special. I have made great friends, gorged on some excellent food and have learnt a little bit of the local language too. India is very colourful and lively. I love Indian music too. I will always remember my alma mater with a lot of love.

Akeera Boonmalert

KiiTIS Alumni

Taking up IB was like looking at the endless ocean. There was so much to know about the curriculum itself that it seemed endless. The counselling classes helped me out of that dilemma though. IB has been different from CBSE in many aspects. It is all about time management and multitasking. it teaches you not to give up and push your boundaries. The CAS, TOK and the Extended essay are something that sets it apart from other curriculums. They may seem intimidating but slowly and surely we get the hang of it. IB challenges me every day, it is like an adventure. I think i will enjoy this adventure and make the most it.


KiiTIS Alumni

A nation is known by the welfare of their children. It is indeed an honour for me to have served as the Head Girl of KiiT International School, BBSR. It provided me with an opportunity to hold high the flag of my school. I think if you would like to change your life, you have to change the way you think. That’s one of the things I learnt at this school which has helped me excel in all fields.

Kamyaa Mishra

KiiTIS Alumni


Grade 10

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