CAS in Bhuasuni Government Primary SCHOOL by IBDP Students

Our journey began at 9:30 am on 7th of December, 2019. The main objective was to understand tribal culture and livelihood as well as introduce new learning activities to improve their skills in the aspect of communication, social skills and various fun games. This was a CAS project taken up by the students of DP 1. Today, we interacted with the students of Bhuasani Government Primary School and learnt about their interests and hobbies. Initially, they were very shy but with time, they opened up towards us. We conducted a drawing competition and were extremely impressed by their creativity and understanding. The younger kids had issues in drawing, and so we drew outlines for them to color in. Introducing the drawing competition, brought up the healthy competitiveness in them through which they were able to open up to us and became more comfortable.
The teachers were kind enough to invite us for lunch which we enjoyed and we were elated to see that children were provided with nutritious food. Seeing their possessiveness for the crayons we provided and food they ate made us realize the importance of small things that can make a huge difference. We learnt to appreciate the value of whatever we have in life. The beauty of the surroundings complemented the environment of the school.
Today was a very fruitful day and we look forward to meeting the children. The smiles that we could bring to their faces, with the tiniest provisions such as crayons, chocolates etc gave us immense satisfaction and made us realize the worth of happiness and social service.

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