Curtains for NCLF 2019 with Theatrical Finesse – Jhoom Jhoom Jhum

In the magical world of Ul-Albela, Jhumpa,an orphan armed with a hamper of curiosity and spirit of adventure takes a seemingly innocuous decision. And what is that decision? Jhoompa wants to make the best tea in the world. As she takes on the mantle to be the best tea maker, she’sunaware of the hornet’s nest she has stirred in the Bat Kingdom.The Raja’s bumbling,floundering ministers are desperate to please their aggressively competitive king! And Jhumpa’s tea making quest becomes an adventure that unfolds when the two worlds, Jhumpa’s and the Bat Kingdom’s, collide! Will Jhumpa’s life ever be the same again?

Jhoom Jhoom Jhumpa urges the audience to live Jhumpa’s wonderful journey on stage, transporting them to become one with the world of the child. Innocence, love and a spirit of inquiry transcend all odds and help us lead happier, more empatheticand compassion filled lives. Like Jhoompa, we learn the value of hard work, commitment, friendship and positive optimism.

Jhoom Jhoom Jhumpa uses theatrical devices effectively to create magic onstage, and lure the audience to this make believe world. The play also presents exciting story-telling possibilities. The play uses physicalmovement, music -both live and recorded – innovative and evocative design,costumes, and light to create a unique theatrical experience.

Written and directed by Sapan Saran, with live music and powerful performances by the actors, Jhoom Jhoom Jhumpa was a fitting finale to bring down the curtain on NCLF 2019.

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