FIT INDIA Movement at KiiT International School

Being Physically active and fit holds utmost importance especially among today’s younger generation who remain busy enjoying the luxuries of mobile, laptop and TV at an alarming rate and aren’t active and spirited on a daily basis. Being involved in electronic devices isn’t bad until and unless it is used as a source of entertainment for a limited time.
An entire week was dedicated for FIT INDIA Movement at KiiT International School with the following set of activities.
Day-1 Speech & Pledge on Fit India by students along with Yoga session.
Day-2 Aerobics Session
Day-3 Poster Making Competition for all students on theme “Fit Body , Fit Mind, Fit Environment.
Day-4 Free hand exercises for all.
Day -5 Mass P.T.
They were motivated and encouraged by our Principal Dr. Sanjay Suar to alter their sedentary lifestyle to a physically active one. He also stressed upon the fact that in order to enjoy the beauty of life and to experience it to the fullest we must start getting involved in physical activities or sports as a healthy body and healthy mind would definitely help us in conquering the entire world.

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