An educational trip was organised for IBDP students on 30/11/2019. Our journey started at 9:30 am to East Coast Biotech Project in Surya Nagar. The main objective of the study tour was to learn about the production, distribution and application of biofertilizers. The owner of the company and his staff were extremely generous and encouraging as they gave us a detailed tour and description on the working and production process. We were mesmerized by the optimum utilisation of the space regardless of how compact the work place was. The subject aspects covered were biology, environmental systems and societies, economics and business studies. We observed the several equipments and elements such as Laminar Flow Chamber, Sterilizing containers, refrigeration units, culture medium and different microbes used for the preparation of biofertilizers. We were intrigued to learn about the efficient and safe farming practices through biofertilizers. We realized that as time proceeds, the demand for biofertilizers will rise due to the positive externalities of production that it provides. What impressed us the most was that the production process generated zero waste and the little waste generated was sterilized and reused. The company mainly focuses on government and a few private distributors. Their main promotional strategies are exhibiting in trade fairs and educating farmers of increasing demand of organic products in future. Despite being a private company, they were supported by the government through subsidies and also training the farmers and the OUAT students. We understood that as global citizens, we should encourage the use of biofertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers to combat the environmental crisis.

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