Reflection on the Annual Day Stall preparation

Our preparation for the annual day stall began on 16th December, 2019 which included an array of highs and lows. We had decided to take up this initiative as a CAS project, getting the entire class of DP 1 involved to create various craftworks and artifacts such as bookmarks, Christmas greeting cards, paper bags, wrapping papers etc, which we plan to sell on the Annual Day. We had divided ourselves in groups for different crafts that we were going to make. However, we had all helped each other in the completion of each of the items. Working together has been a great experience. Keeping ourselves busy while doing the art and craftworks has taught us patience and the art of perseverance. There were times when we did not have the materials required or when there was a clash of opinions between us, but, we only improved our teamwork and learnt to work with what was available and enriched our recycling innovation experience. Our supervisor, Ms Ruchi has been a great help and has worked with us all along. Also, we are extremely grateful to our CAS Coordinator, and DP coordinator for approving and encouraging us to do our project.

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