Life at KiiTIS

Student Life at KIITIS

KiiTians learn to respect each and every individual with dignity and care. Become responsible self- disciplined and trustworthy. Create a healthy and safe community for everyone to live. Treat parents, teachers and elders with high regard. Show good behaviour and become a morally responsible person. Esteem other religion and share and admire other thoughts and philosophies. Appreciate and exercise “The Art of Giving.” Boarders stay in well-equipped, temperature controlled rooms in a term, abide by all the boarding rules & regulations
Day borders avail conveyance facility to pick up and drop at their residence. Day scholars at Senior Secondary benefit half day crisp classroom programmes to pursue self-study at home.

Beyond School

KIIT International School KIITIS

KIIT International School (KIITIS)

The KIIT family of educational institutions exemplify centres of holistic education in a complete, stimulating, nurturing environment that helps the each young mind learn and grow; for it is not only books that make one educated.
With its motto of ‘Selfless service and endless learning’ , KiiT International School is a proud member of this educational conglomerate.
It strives to take care that each individual under its aegis shall go on to become an international citizen: not in tongue or mannerisms but spirit, to become people of good character and humanity.
KiiT International School provides quality education in academic and co-curricular programmes, helping students build balanced personalities in an international setting, making them aware of global needs, while keeping abreast of developments in technology. KiiT International School’s curriculum, which has the CBSE (Delhi), IBDP (Geneva) & IGCSE (UK) syllabi, promotes human values and teaches the life skills necessary in a competitive, multi-cultural and environmentally conscious world. Within a span of 8 years, KiiT International School has taken rapid steps to grow slowly to become one of the most reputed and simply put the best school in Odisha. The Education World Indian Schools ranking of 2017 puts KiiT International School amidst the top-10 residential schools in India, while being ranked No. 1 in Odisha.