Inspiron & CSR

KiiTIS INSPIRON is a department that looks after all the external competitions as well as different programs. The objective of INSPIRON is

  • To provide a myriad of opportunities and a platform to students to demonstrate their talents beyond academics
  • To develop the ability of the students to handle the pressure
  • To prepare the students to deal with different types of situations
  • To develop a spirit of competition and teach the students to take healthy risk.
  • To make the students understand the importance of failure and overcome their shortcomings.

KiiT International School adopted an entire village and is working for the welfare of it’s residents. Visit this beautiful Village Shyamsundarpur

The department train the students to take part in competitions related to science project, Art, Quiz and Debates. The trainings are conducted by external experts. For science project the students relate to leading laboratories in Odisha and outside Odisha, where scientists mentor the students in developing their idea into a project.

At KiiT International School, we believe that every child is talented and so the competitions and trainings are not restricted to limited students. Regular skill classes are conducted to provide opportunities and train the students in different field before they chose their expert areas. The enrichment classes are conducted from grade 3 to grade 9 every day.

The classes are:

  • Scientific Skills – Hands on training on science activities, scientific writing, ideation and designing of project.
  • Public Speaking – Personality development, syntax formation, oratory skills development
  • General Awareness – Current affairs, training on different quizzing formats, politics, entertainment
  • Vedic Maths – Learning maths with fun, simple tricks for complicated calculations, connecting maths with ancient history
  • Life Skill – Motivational talks, learning through theatres, activities on climate action and protection of environment

The objectives of these enrichment classes are:

  • To extend the learning prospects
  • To increase the concentration of the students
  • To develop higher recall skills
  • To enhance their communication skills
  • To develop better co-operation skills
  • To increase the social, moral, spiritual, and cultural strength

KiiTIS Humanitarian

KiiT International School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha is a protege of KIIT University and KISS Foundation. Our School has adopted a village Shyamsundarpur which is 8km away from the school. Our dedicated teachers and students have formed a team called KiiTIS Humanitian under the guidance of Chairperson, Dr. Monalisa Bal and Principal, Dr. Sanjay Suar and conducts work in the village related to education, health, and sanitization. The children of the village are made to get involved in extracurricular activities along with academics. We at times conduct awareness program on gender inequality, child abuse etc. Every year we celebrate an event called “Secret Santa” on 25th December to celebrate the joy of gifting.

KiiT International School adopted an entire village and is working for the welfare of it’s residents. Visit this beautiful Village Shyamsundarpur

  • To exchange ideas related to culture and practice
  • To learn activities of students in different schools all over the world
  • To learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • To exchange ideas on Community Services
  • To work on Sustainable Development Goals


KiiT International School has collaborated with various local, national, and international organisations. The International Organisation includes Mayo Clinic, USA, The World, Japan and HIGA, Japan. The aim of the collaboration is

A research team from Mayo Clinic, USA visited KiiT International School in the month of September 2014 to start a program called InSciEd Out in collaboration with KiiT School of Biotechnology and KiiT University. The program is headed by Dr. Christopher Pierret, Assistant Professor and InSciEd Out Co-ordinator, Mayo Clinic. The purpose of InSciEd Out is to share the culture, language and practice of science excellence with all students in our local, national and global communities. The program Facilitates partnerships among scientists, educators, industry, and other community partners to rebuild science education practices for the 21st century and bring available technology and mentorship to the community.

It empowers the development of a diverse group of learners who are ready for college and workplace success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. It plans to create a conduit for science literacy that results in improved health outcomes for communities.


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