Library & Laboratories


The library is our knowledge center which houses books of all disciplines which are frequently used by students as well as the staff. E-library is also extended to home.


  • Discipline and silence is the key to enter into the library.
  • Speak softly in the library zone.
  • Carry the hand book to the library.
  • Record the book issued.
  • Replace books at the right place and shelves after reading.
  • Ensure to tuck the chairs into the slot and take their belongings with them when they leave.
  • Water, gum, candy, food and bags are not allowed in the library.
  • Return the books by the due date or a fine of Rs. 10/- per day is imposed.

Laboratories are nurturing centers for student enquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) is an access point in all well-equipped laboratories. The end result is students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experimental learning, persist in problem solving, embrace collaboration and work through the creative process.

We have Anveshika, an open ended laboratory where uncommon experiments are designed without constraints of any curriculum or examination. New experiments are continuously evolved. Anveshika centers are established at different places across the country under National Anveshika Network of India(NANI, lIT Kanpur) initiative.


Creya provides the essential 21st century learning skill to children. Students get to work with multiple manipulative sets such as Tablets, Digital Applications, Robotics, Engineering Blocks, Electrical and Electronics all year round to answer their curiosity.


Students must follow the safety instructions mentioned in the Laboratories and should handle the apparatus carefully. Damage of any apparatus is punishable/fined. Adhere to the instruction of Laboratory assistants.

Disobedience of any kind in the laboratories, will be registered in the hand book.


Adventure enriched with education is an eye opener for the students to learn better in open, multi cultural surroundings.

Teaching outside the classroom is a learning in the right situation at the right time with real life situation. These experiences create life skill sites helping them to find their own solution. Visits to airport, temple, mosque, Gurudwara, Museum, places of historical importance, research institutes, hub of migratory birds, gardens, natural backdrops and the like create enthusiasm in teaching learning process.

Parents should sign the consent form before any trip. Students with passport will be eligible for foreign tours.


In order to provide a holistic support to students in their career planning process, the school has partnered with Univariety to set up Career Counseling & Guidance System for the students. Univariety programme will facilitate global Career guidance support comprises:

  • Psychometric Assessments and Research
  • Counseling Support
  • Alumni Management & Guidance
  • University Connect


Our school gives a fair opportunity to establish a student cabinet comprising 20 members from secondary and senior secondary classes as a governing body. They represent the school to display their leadership eminence. We highly appreciate the students to use this opportunity in the best possible way to deliver the code of conduct smoothly.

  • The cabinet is formed by the selection committee of the school through a transparent screening process.
  • Every student should display their respect for the cabinet.
  • The student cabinet will monitor the school assembly.
  • Instruction and commands given by the school cabinet should be earnestly followed by every KiiTian.
  • The Student cabinet will ensure the grooming check after assembly.
  • Any event of the school requires the active participation of the school cabinet followed by the students who are regarded as council members.
  • Cooperation of the School Cabinet members and Kiitians is esteemed.
  • Any complaint from the student cabinet regarding indiscipline activity will be treated at the earliest and if required disciplinary measures will be taken.

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