Primary Department

Primary Department

Primary Department embraces students from Grade I - V

Scholastic Areas

We have six core subjects: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Higher Language (Hindi, Odia, Spanish, French) Computer Science, General Knowledge and Moral Education are graded subjects.

Co- Scholastic Areas

ART AND CRAFT: It enriches and enlivens a child’s unique skills and talents art in integrated in all subjects.

SWIMMING AND EDUSPORTS: The best form of exercise that keeps children physically emotionally and healthy.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Students need to opt for one cultural activity from the list which will be provided to them that includes Music (Instrumental) or Dance (Hip Hop, Modern and Odissi).

Special Features


OLYMPIADS: Selected students will be prepared by the school for various Olympiads (IEO, IMO, NSO & NCO with in school hours). The Selection is based on both the previous olympiad performance and Annual Exam marks of the previous academic season.

LOGICAL REASONING CLASSES:Based on various Olympiads. Special Olympiad – NASO, SPELL BEE and TERI GREEN ( Grade IV&V)

CREYA LEARNING STUDIO:A project based, hands-on program helping students to acquire research skills by designing models.

  • Coding Classes: It is a much required 21st century skill literacy through which children learn computational skills.
  • SCIENCE LAB: to hone the scientific skills of the students.
  • MATH LAB: to introduce mathematical concepts through fun-filled activities.

VEDIC MEMORY LAB: to enhance memory skills through ancient Vedic techniques. Students are introduced to Rubik’s cube and Sudoku for enhancing analytics skills.


To enhance the four skills in English-Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writin


Monday – Friday 3:15 pm to 4:10 pm from Monday-Friday.

A value & skill-based filled hour that include & enhancing General Awareness, Public Speaking Experiential Learning and Mathematical skills.

Specialized Games and Edu-sports

Monday-Friday 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm

REMEDIAL CLASSES:Students get an opportunity to clarify individual doubts during school hours physically & virtually through the personalized Learning Management System of the school.


Assemblies are very special and are student centric. The themed based platform & nurture life skills & latest talents. Each and every student is given a chance to display one’s talent.

  • Student Cabinet
  • NCLF- National Children’s Literally Festival Concurrence – Inter House Concert Inspiron Activities
  • TED Ed Club Community Service
  • Students are taken on educational trips which as a part of their curriculum
  • Fun Binge
  • Inter House competitions
  • Exhibitions of Art-Craft, Language, Science and SST Models
  • SAARRA Granit Market Model
  • Exclusive training by the ace Bollywood choreographer Shiamak Dawar dance troupe for Annual Day.
  • Celebrations and Observations : {Local, National and International importance for promoting respect for culture & tradition
  • Storytelling by Storywallahs

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