KiiT International School (KiiTIS)

KiiT International School (KiiTIS)

The KIIT family of educational institutions exemplify centers of holistic education in a complete, stimulating, nurturing environment that helps each young mind learn and grow. With its motto of ‘Selfless service and endless learning’, KiiT International School is a proud member of this educational conglomerate.

It strives to ensure that each individual under its aegis shall go on to become an international citizen: not in tongue or mannerisms but spirit, to become a human of good character and humanity.

KiiT International School provides quality education in academic and co-curricular programs, helping students build balanced personalities in an international setting, making them aware of global needs, while keeping abreast of developments in technology. KiiT International School’s curriculum, which has the CBSE (Delhi), IBDP (Geneva) & IGCSE (UK) syllabi, promotes human values and teaches the life skills necessary in a competitive, multi-cultural and environmentally conscious world. Within a span of 15 years, KiiT International School has taken rapid steps to grow slowly to become one of the most reputed and simply put, the best school in Odisha. The Education Today Indian Schools ranking of 2022 puts KiiT International School amidst the top-10 residential schools in India, while being ranked No. 1 in Odisha.


Excellence in XII Board Examination, JEE & NEET: Emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process which makes them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts for a quantum jump in their performance in Board, NEET, JEE (Main & Advanced). Each student has the right strategy for himself/herself for TIME MANAGEMENT to ensure optimum output. This enables the students to excel not only in NEET, JEE (Main & Advanced), KVPY Other Engineering Entrance Exams but also in XII Board Exams.


  • Supervised self study hour for full boarders
  • Doubt clearing classes 3:30-5:00 pm everyday for day boarders
  • Competitive level MCQ test every week
  • Guidance and Counselling by successful alumni groups
  • Chapter-end tests after completion of the chapters for all the subjects
  • Individual attention and one to one counselling session by our faculties
  • Monthly academic assessment report card will be sent to parents.


  • A repository of 16000 books from the core collection and in addition, materials supporting the major programs of the school.
  • library offers print and digital resources for personal and academic needs.
  • The library timings : 8:00am. to 7:30pm with 24*7 online library service.
  • Knowledge Enhancer is the library directory of KiiT International School for IBDP IGCSE and CBSE curricula’s to supplement learning and completing assignments.
  • Knowledge App by KiiTIS Library is a one stop solution for the Nursery-XII students and teachers.


  • Integrated coaching for JEE and NEET
  • Experienced faculty for Entrance and Board Examination
  • Special guided orientation for KVPY,NSEC,NSEP and other Olympiads.
  • Tie-up With Allen, Akash & FIITJEE for Test Series and Study materials.
  • Remedial class support as and when required
  • Online/Offline Mock test for KVPY, JEE and NEET are followed by test analysis
  • Regular Feedback and follow up
  • Daily Assignment


  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Sculpture
  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Sculpture
  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education and Sculpture
  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economincs and Sculpture
  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Sculpture
  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Technology and Sculpture
  • English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education and Sculpture


  • Student Cabinet
  • MUN
  • NCLF
  • Concurrence (House Concert)
  • INSPIRON Exhibition and Fun Binge
  • National Cadet Corp (NCC)
  • TED Ed Club Community Service

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