Life at KiiTIS


World Class Facilities at KiiT International School

Kiitians learn to respect each and every individual with dignity and care. Become responsible, disciplined and trustworthy. Create a healthy and safe community for everyone to live in. Treat parents, teachers and elders with high regard.

Show good behavior and become morally responsible citizen, esteem other religions and share and admire others’ thoughts and philosophies. Appreciate and exercise “The Art of Giving.”

Boarders stay in well-equipped and temperature controlled rooms and abide by all the boarding rules and regulations.

Day borders avail transportation facilities to and from school.

We expect
KiiTians to

  • Appreciate and take care of the green campus
  • Make the best use of the e-campus
  • Take medical aid at the time of need
  • Respect food and its nutritional values
  • Use the library and laboratories
  • Create a child safe zone
  • Abide by the rules of discipline

School Campus

The school campus is eco-friendly, student friendly with a 24×7 surveillance system to ensure the student are safe. It is a home away from home for all students.

  • A secured Wi- Fi LAN connectivity and internet facility.
  • Strictly monitored internet user ID for safe surfing.
  • Eureka 3D lab for multi-sensory interactive approach.
  • Smart class with multiple segments to make the subjects interesting with audio-visual perceptions.
  • Lush green lawns and the flora in the campus bring students 
closer to nature.



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