Sports & Games

Sports & Games

Participation in sports gives children a practical way to learn about goal setting, importance of teamwork, discipline and skills required to deal with real life situations. Involvement of sports is health investment plan for staying healthy and fit. Plans consist of various sports activities.


Apr-22 Jul-22
3rd Week - Carrom & Chess Inter House
4th Week - Yoga Inter House
4th Week - Karate
Fundoo Day -kho-kho (Grade 3)
1st Week - Basketball Inter House
2nd Week - Swimming Inter House
3rd Week - Table Tennis Inter House
Kabaddi Inter House 29th - National Sports Day Fundoo Day -kho-kho (G-4 & 5)
Aug-22 Nov-22
32nd Week - Volleyball Inter House 3rd Week - Kho-kho Inter House 3rd Week -
Kabaddi Inter House 29th - National Sports Day Fundoo Day -kho-kho (G-4 & 5)
Fundoo Day - Basketball (G-4 & 5)
Annual Sports Meet
Dec-22 Mar-22
Winter Vacation New Session Start

Edu-Sports: It’s a Sports programme for the students from Nursery to Grade V. Fit India programme for all students, teachers, and parents.


Art Education constitutes an important area of curricular activity for the development of the personality. Art education helps to explore various means of communication. It helps to discover preferences through exposition to variety of material and identify the personal form and style of expression.

It develops awareness of various art forms in and around the environment and locality and develops skills in the use of various tools, instruments, and other art materials in the process of experimentation and exploration. In the process of discovering space, organization, colors, forms, lines, learners develop a sense of organization and a sense of design which inculcates in them a sense of order about their personal appearance, home, school, and community. It also develops aesthetic sensibilities and respect for social values and cultural heritage.

Art Education introduces the student to new media and techniques and their use for creative expression and for making objects of common use to provide opportunities for the development of awareness about folk arts, local specific arts and other cultural components leading to an awareness and appreciation of national heritage. It helps the student to use artistic and aesthetic sensibility in day-to-day life situation, it helps the student to achieve a balanced growth as a social being in tune with our culture through projects on natural and cultural heritage.


Cultural awareness and participation play an integral role in the school education.

  • Each Student must opt for one activity for an Academic Session.
  • At the end of the session, Cultural Department will conduct an examination in the presence of an internal. Accordingly, students will be graded with certificates depending on the level for which they qualify after evaluation.
  • Cultural Department will conduct music certificate examination under the aegis of an accredited & recognized University for selective students who would be nominated by their respective activity teachers for different levels.
  • Students will have to bear the examination fee and other expenses for music Certificate Examination.
  • No student is allowed to change his/her activity in the middle of a session. The competence of a student for an activity will be adjudged by the respective activity teacher, and then only will he/she may be permitted for a change into another activity if required. A student may opt for a change of activity within one month of resuming classes.
  • Vocal classes will be offered from Pre-Nursery-UKG (Only Indian Vocal). Grade- I to V can choose either Indian or Western Vocal.
  • Shiamak Davar Dance Workshop will be offered with conditions applied (Grade-I to IX).
  • Torrins Musics is our Master Trainer for Instrumental.
    Modern Dance
    LKG-UKG: Odissi Dance & Modern Dance,
    Grade-I-V: Odissi Dance, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop Dance, Keyboard, Tabla, Violin, Western Drum, Guitar & Piano
    Grade- VI-XI: Odissi Dance, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop Dance, Keyboard, Tabla, Violin, Western Drum, Guitar, Piano & Western Vocal

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