Middle School: VI - VII

Middle School (VI & VII)

The Middle School Programme offers a broadened curriculum to match the growing abilities of children in assimilating information and grasping abstract ideas. Extending the frontiers of educational exposure and experience provided by the Primary School Programme, the focus of the Middle School Programme is on strengthening the knowledge, skills, and competencies of the child through comprehensive, innovative, and creative learning activities. This phase not only characterizes a transition from childhood to adolescence but also floors a step towards youth.

Scholastic Areas

We have six main subjects: English Language, English Literature, Maths, General Science, Social Studies, Second Language (HL) and Third Language (LL): Odia, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Annual Examination syllabus will cover 50% chapters from Mid Term and chapters covered till Annual Exam. Computers, Lower Language, General Knowledge, Moral Education are the graded subjects.

Co- Scholastic Areas

ART AND CRAFT: To enrich and enliven the child’s unique skills and talents.

General Knowledge: A holistic approach to education helps us to develop the child in various subjects like Science, Social Studies, Current Affairs etc.

MATH LAB: Introduces Math concepts through fun-filled imaginative ideas and analytical reasoning.

CREYA LAB: Develops the child to formulate innovative ideas and practical approaches through different technologies.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: To bring out the talents through Dance, Music etc.

English language enhancement programs

  • Spoken English
  • Group Discussion
  • Creative Writing
  • Debate
  • Elocution
  • Extempore speech/Public Speaking

Other Programmes

  • General awareness programme.
  • Quiz based on Social Studies, Maths, Science etc.
  • 3D Animation: 3D videos are shown to children for conceptual clarity in different subjects.
  • Anveshika Lab: To develop the scientific skills and attitude.
  • Robotics Lab
  • E-NIIT Guru: Math Lab introduces Math concepts through fun-filled, imaginative ideas, analytic reasoning tests etc.
  • Olympiad will include Cyber, English, Maths and Science.
  • Adolescent Education Program/Student Enrichment Programme.

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