Intra School Quiz- “Does your Gray matter work like US?”

December 4, 2019 | Achievement
Intra School Quiz- “Does your Gray matter work like US?”

In the world of education there are many different ways to teach and consolidate what has been learned. In years gone by a child was expected to memorize dates, formulae, figures by rote. This method of teaching is quite dull. So at KIITIS we try to use QUIZZING s a tool for the learning process as it forces a child’s brain to retrieve data and ensure that it becomes embedded for use in future. The Adrenaline Rush that provides instant gratification when a child answers a question correctly makes children feel good and enthusiastic.

So to inculcate & imbibe a sense of confidence and provide them immediate feedback about their learning discourse ,the monthly MEGA INTRA SCHOOL QUIZ was conducted by team THINK TANQ. A grilling preliminary round was followed by 6 teams making to the Final stage Round. The “KASAW” team as they named themselves emerged as WINNERS.


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